Flowcate Becomes Independent and Revolutionizes the Location Technology Market


Today marks a major milestone in our history as we’ve officially spun off from bridgingIT and stepped into our own space as an independent entity. Originating as a dynamic innovation project under the bridgingIT umbrella, we’ve grown with the necessary support and resources and are now ready to redefine the global market for location technologies on our own terms. Our mission is encapsulated in our motto: “Software that unlocks the full power of location data,” a testament to our belief that seamless access to location data is a cornerstone for fostering a sustainable future. 

Driven by this vision, we co-initiated omlox, the open location standard, backed by the support of bridgingIT, fostering a global ecosystem of partners committed to the future of interoperable real-time location tracking. This independence heralds a new chapter for us, where we aim to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with our pioneering DeepHub® technology. 

The Drive for Seamless Locating

Why does this matter? We live in a time where the efficiency of logistics, the precision of production, and the sustainability of operations are not just goals but necessities. The demand for transparent, streamlined, and automated business processes has never been higher, and at the heart of this demand is the need for precise real-time location information.  

DeepHub®, leveraging the omlox standard, represents our answer to this demand. It’s more than just software; it’s a gateway to integrating diverse location technologies, enabling seamless tracking of objects across various environments. This isn’t just an improvement—it’s a transformation of operational efficiency, cost reduction, and the adoption of data-driven business models. 

Partnerships Paving the Way

Our partnerships are vital to our journey, reflecting the diverse applications and transformative impact of DeepHub®. Collaborating with giants like Accenture, Arvato, CANCOM, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, TRUMPF, and T-Systems, we’re fostering a future where the strategic value of location data is universally recognized. DeepHub®’s role as a vendor-independent middleware empowers our partners across sectors to unlock the full potential of location data, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

Support from Visionary Leaders

To help steer our course, we recently received valuable support from Sebastian Seutter, an experienced executive and successful business angel with a long career in the technology industry. With previous positions as Global Industry Business Lead at Microsoft and currently at UiPath, Mr. Seutter brings in-depth expertise in enterprise software.

Looking Ahead

With Heidelberg as our base and our eyes set on the global horizon, our team, including those in North America, is ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our growth strategy is clear: forge new partnerships, delve into untapped industries and regions, and scale our solutions for an expanded “Installed base.” 


As 2024 unfolds, we stand on the brink of the next level of growth, driven by our commitment to innovation, our valued partnerships, and our global team. The journey of Flowcate is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and technology to create a future where location technology knows no bounds. 

Stay tuned as we navigate this thrilling path and join us in celebrating this momentous leap towards a world of seamless locating.